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The cost of a hair transplant

Valuable Tips When Researching the Cost of a Hair Transplant Surgeon...

For those suffering from hair loss especially in broward county, there are many questions to be asked. Which hair transplant surgeon should I use? Will the results be worth the cost of a hair transplant? Am I a good candidate for the procedure? How much does a hair transplant cost? Although getting a 'good hair transplant' is not cheap, because of increased competition and advancements in technology the price has dropped dramatically.

A hair transplant used to cost twice as much money to get half the amount of hair. The good news for those looking into hair restoration is that the value of a hair transplant has increased. Now you can get more volume and density for less money. With that being said, you still have to be careful when looking into the cost of a hair transplant surgeon because making the wrong choice could mean getting less than impressive results.

Variation in Graft Sizes Can Significantly Affect the Cost of a Hair Transplant

Today, many clinics charge by the graft. The problem with this is that a hair graft can be divided any way the doctor chooses to separate the tissue! In other words, 2000 grafts transplanted by one doctor may yield MUCH less hair density than 2000 grafts transplanted by another doctor!

What sets Dr. Bolton apart?

With Dr. Bolton you will know before the day of the surgery exactly how many hairs you will be getting!

Graft Sizes Vary:

The idea that a hair transplant surgeon should ONLY use micro grafts and follicular units (FU) is very common. The problem with this philosophy is that the results are very limited and can be very costly for the patient. By using small units everywhere, in the front hairline, middle and back of the head, much less hair gets transplanted or it costs a whole lot more to get the density desired.

It is More Cost Effective to Use Multiple Follicular Unit Grafts:
Because Dr. Bolton is concerned about what would be best for the patient, he uses multiple follicular unit grafts to help attain more density for his patients. Multiple follicular unit grafts are used in the crown and the vertex, and they are blended in with follicular units so they are undetectable to the naked eye. Single hair grafts are strategically placed in the frontal hairline to ensure that the hair looks completely natural from all angles.

$3 Grafts! Is it really a competitive offer?

Hair Transplants at a fair price:
Some hair transplant doctors entice potential hair transplant patients with an offer of $3 grafts. This might sound like a very competitive offer but it doesn't mean you will get more hair for less money. A procedure that consists of follicular units and micro grafts only may only translate into as little as 600 hairs. After a procedure like that, you may not be very satisfied with the final outcome. It may take 2 or 3 more transplants to get the density you would get with just one transplant with Dr. Bolton. This could cost as much as $27,000! With Dr. Bolton, you will know how many hairs you will be getting even before the surgery starts. Dr. Bolton's strategy is to give you the most hair possible the first time around so that you will get great looking natural results at a fair price.

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A hair transplant is worth the cost!

For a surgery that is so minor, it can have major life changing results. A hair surgery done by the right doctor is virtually undetectable. It is pain-free and all performed under a local anesthetic. It's reported that patients who get a hair restoration also recover their self-confidence. The money spent on a one time procedure can have lasting effects that will be more than worth it.

Dr. Bolton's guarantee!

Dr. Bolton is a hair transplant specialist who is passionate about his work. For over 13 years, he has utilized the most advanced surgical techniques giving his patients the most natural looking results. He and his staff do hair restoration exclusively. He guarantees a successful outcome and stands behind his work.

Would the cost of a hair transplant be worth it to you?

Please take a look at these before and after pictures to see amazing 'one procedure' results!